Which chords do I need on guitar?

If you can play all the chords in the key of C, then surely by useing a capo you can play all the chords needed for any key. Therefore, surely I don't need to learn any chords that arent in the C major key. For example, when would you need to play a C minor chord? 


I mean play a C minor chord without a capo

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  • 1 month ago
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    If you can play the guitar then you can play “all the chords needed for any key” without a capo! 

    There's no advantage at all in what you suggest. 

    You'd need to play a Cm chord without a capo when you needed access to frets below the capo. What would be the advantage of using a capo anyway? If you were using your method and playing in C would you really want to use a capo if you needed a Cm chord?

    Playing something in B would be a real challenge - would you really want a capo at the 11th fret? How would you handle a key change? I think you'd get tired of having to transpose the simplest of chord sequences into C so that you knew what chord shapes to play and where to put the capo.

    You need to be able to play guitar to grasp the craziness of your idea.

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