Will driving in extreme heat damage my engine?

I am a Postmates driver in Texas. Right now the temperatures are fluctuating between 90-100 degrees. Is it safe for my car to go ahead and drive in this crazy heat? I’m supposed to be working during peak hours which is 5pm-10pm, almost every day of the week. Thanks!

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  • 1 month ago
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    The actual temps outside won't do harm to your engine because they operate at 200+ degrees anyway. What you want to watch for is maintaining your coolant level in the radiator and surge tank properly, have the right oil viscosity and amount in the engine and make sure the transmission is filled properly. The biggest killer in the heat is when your radiator fan fails to operate for front-wheel-drive cars or idling a long time where the heat has nowhere to flow to. Your automatic transmission is more at risk than your engine with heat, so be aware of its service schedule in the heat and long term. And yeah, running your A/C unit is going to tax your engine a little, but only when idling. Batteries can overheat in excess ambient temps, but pretty rarely. 

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    1 month ago

    Check the coolant level and oil level every time before you go to work.  Watch the temperature gauge when you are driving.  Car will be fine.  If the car starts overheating.  pull over immediately and shut off the engine.  Call for a tow.

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