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Will people judge me for taking runs? How do I avoid the idea of being judged while going on runs?

Okay so, I want to lose weight this summer, but I have anxiety and I would feel weird running in public in case people watch me. I’m overweight, 5’4 and 145 pounds and really want to lose, but gyms are closed. I have no issue working out, it’s just I don’t want to be judged by my neighbors. At the gym near me, there are dark rooms with equipment in them so nobody sees me. I could workout inside but it’d be better to take runs. There’s no where around me to run privately, my yard is small, and I can’t get my provisionals for 3 months. 

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    I used to get self conscious about people hearing me panting/struggling to breath. Invest in a good ipod and some fast music. Listening to that drowns out any panting you're doing (the trick being YOU can't hear it - bugger everyone else!) The music also stops you hearing any nasty comments as people pass - pure magic. It becomes a world of your own! BTW - if some mongrel does get the better of you - and they will - PLEASE don't give them the satisfaction to give up. Use them as your motivation! Damn if some mongrel is going to spoil your new life!  You go girl!!!

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    Believe me, nobody cares. Go and run. Everyone is too busy thinking about themselves to "judge" you.

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    People are trying to survive not watch you run. When running, he in the moment. Be aware of your surroundings and not an imaginary voice in your head. If unable to do that, seek professional help for paranoia.

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