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OK to leave bag of minibottles (with liquor) and a note on new neighbors’ front door, to meet them?

I recently moved into a new high-rise apartment building. I bought my apartment. The neighbors on one side are renters, and they’re loud- I can hear every word. They seem like a bunch of outgoing guys around my age.

I never see them; I just hear them. Why not meet them.

OK to leave a bag tied to their doorknob with a bunch of minibottles in it and a note saying, “Just moved in- let me know if you’d like to meet”?

There is an outdoor patio in the building where we could grab a drink.


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    I don't think it would be wrong, but I personally wouldn't do it.  I think my objection to it is you're leaving them a gift and then putting it on them to contact you if they want to get together.   For some reason, it doesn't hit me right.

    It might be better to just let this occur naturally.  If they're next door and like to party, and you like to party too, it will happen sooner rather than later.

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    While the alcohol is a considered gesture, as a starting point introduce yourself and have a conversation.  You will soon know if the friendliness is reciprocated.

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    bring cookies or something and you don't know their views on alcohol knock on the door 

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