Would a 45ACP be more effective! No hollows!!?

Does a 45ACP have a better one shot kill rate WITHOUT HOLLOW POINTS than most other handgun calibers?

Would you choose a Smith Wesson 45 ACP Shield or a compact Glock 45ACP as a general all purpose gun? I don't mean a sub-compact glock just a regular compact 45acp Glock that allows the extended 27 round magazine! Imagine 27 rounds of 45 acp firepower in a compact glock!

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  • 4 weeks ago

    A gun writer went and looked thru all the shooting reports he could find.   The one round that MOST OFTEN stopped the other guy with ONE SHOT was the 357 magnum.   It was in the 90% range.  

  • 1 month ago

    FMJ will knock a person down just as effectively as other rounds will.  They just won't shred your innards like the others.  My objective is to stop you, not necessarily kill you.

  • 1 month ago

    My carry is M1911-A1 by federal ordinance. Shooting the traditional ball, the bullet will make a hole through a human torso,

    The hydrashok hollow point, not likely, meaning all that energy is transfered to the body.

    FBI stats for the hydrashok show zero survival with a kill zone hit.

    If you are shooting a 5 inch barrel, the results would be near the same.

    Heard of combat soldiers needing multiple shots to stop enemy with the ball.

  • Mr.357
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    I would go with my .357 Mag.

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  • 1 month ago

    You sound like a kid who has never had a beer in his life, had just tasted a cheap crappy beer - and is now trying to tell the whole world how wonderful it is.  Those of us have traveled and tasted hundreds of different beers - commercial, micro brew, macro brew, homebrew, etc - in different countries can only look at you and shake our heads.

    I have been concealed carrying pistols, and doing pistol competition since 1973.  I moved to Alaska in 1982 and even I don't concern myself with what can and can not do a 'one shot kill'.  Fact of life, fact of reality - you will almost always need a second shot to kill something - so train to do multiple shots.

    You sound like a kid that just got his drivers license and bought a $400 beater car.  Now all you can talk about is the make and model of your $400 beater.  Meanwhile the rest of us who drive nice new cars and trucks that cost $40k to $80K are stuck listening to your wonderful observations.

    Think of bullets like car tires.  Just like tires where you need the right ones for the places you go - you need the right bullet for the job.  Like tires, there is cost.  My F-250 SuperDuty - I wish I had one set of tires for snow, one for highway, one for ice, one for deep mud, and one for nasty rocks and roads....... but nobody has the money or time to keep swapping out 6 different tires.  Same with bullets - you want one for each of these activities: plinking, important target shooting, concealed carry, hunting,  but who has the time to run to the range and keep sighting in your pistol when you swap ammo?  Welcome to the wide world of compromise!

    45acp ammo is heavy. 230gr is normal.  My FN 5.7x28mm fires 27gr ammo that will penetrate 4 Level IIIa bullet proof vests. For each round of 45acp you carry - I can bring 8rds of 5.7 to the fight.  I can take cover behind a car door if someone is shooting at me with a 45.  If you are behind a car door and someone is shooting at you with a 5.7 you don't have cover, you only have concealment - I carry a 30rd mag and two spares - 90rds of 5.7 will find you, probably in the first 10-15. 

    Upside to 45 - there is no place on the human body you can hit someone with a 45acp and not disable them.  Hit in an arm muscle it will blow a chunk out - die of blood loss, pass out from pain, etc.  I hit you in an arm muscle with a 5.7 it will drill through like a laser beam....hurt like all hell but I bet you are still able to shoot with the other hand or keep on resisting.

    That is the issue with pistols and pistol ammo.  It's all compromise.  I had to put a moose out of its misery.  All we had were big pistols - went between the eyes, through the brain, out the back and took a chunk out of the road.  Big chunk!

  • Adam D
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    All common defensive caliber handgun rounds generally don't perform well when trying to kill something with a single shot, unless you hit the nervous system.  In that case, most of them perform the same - hit the nervous system once, disable target permanently.  Hit anywhere else, put multiple rounds on target.  There is going to be very little real-world data available to back any of that up in your scenario, since most people aren't (and shouldn't be) using FMJ rounds for self defense.

    By "general all purpose gun", what do you mean?  Are you wanting something that can serve as a concealed carry weapon, home defense weapon, and a range run?  Either of those choices would be fine for that.  I haven't shot a Glock in a while, so I can't remember how the trigger feels, but the standard trigger on the Shield is neither great nor terrible.  The Glock will have more magazine options.

    For a general all-purpose handgun, I'd look at the counterparts for those two, only in 9mm.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    when you look at the impact of rounds on ballistic gel .45 outshines .40 and 9mm. Not by much but it does. 10mm isn't that common but probably has more stopping power. I'm not going to get into all the revolver rounds but ya .45 probably has the most stopping power.

    S&W shields are subcompact and I personally wouldn't get it in .45. If somone was giving me a free gun either a shield or glock I'd take the glock because I'm pretty sure it's worth more. then I'd sell it and buy a different gun. 

  • 1 month ago

    .45ACP is .45ACP. The gun the bullet comes out of is not going to have any affect upon performance unless you’re running a carbine.

    230 grain times 27 is going to make for quite a heavy magazine. And out of the two that you listed I would go for the Smith and Wesson. I’m not a Glock fan but that’s a personal thing. Good luck finding them. You’d be better off getting a 1911 at this point; at least you can find those. For now.

  • Kenny
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    1 month ago

    No . Glock I guess .  Not a fan of either .

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