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Does CoVid lead to food shortages in North America?

There was a problem with migrant farmers being infected with CoVid in my province and this led to significant food shortages at the Costco I shop at - I’m fortunate my parents saved like hawks and we can afford to eat anything no matter the cost 

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    I live in the Yukon, and while there have been issues, there is nothing major, and no real shortages at all.

  • Linda
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    4 months ago

    Absolutely. Covid19 affects what foods are available to us. Some regions are hit harder than others. Anyone who says it doesn't hasn't been keeping up with this globally. 

  • That's not the only thing that can cause food shortages, some times it's supply and demand or they just can't get food on the shelves fast enough. If certain foods have to be imported, it has to get across the boarder from another country which can take some time which can also lead to shortages.

    Have you tried other stores then costco...In the beginning of covid 19 in my area, it was hard to get certain things like potatoes, garlic and even onions, some canned foods are still hard to get too. Some stores have been doing better to keep up with supply and demand then others these days. 

  • ?
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    4 months ago

    "migrant farmers"?

    Most farmers own the farms they farm... it isn't a migrant profession.

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