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Do you think it would be weird to give our child a hyphenated last name?

My husbands last name is Macias and my last name is Brown, so we were thinking about giving our child the surname “Macias-Brown”. Do you think that’s weird? Since we will not be changing our last names.

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    Plenty of people have  hyphen last names. Not saying it is common or eveeyone does it. Many people have and thier ia nothing wrong with it.

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    I don’t think it’s weird or uncommon. I was engaged to a guy with a hyphenated  last name, I love my last name and his name being hyphenated made me choose to keep my last name. 

    I am now married to someone else without a hyphenated last name and plan to hyphenate my last name but keep my kids last name as his only for that reason.

    Other than that my only negative experience with hyphenated last names is my company’s HRIS program makes it difficult to pull information for employees with hyphenated last names. 

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    No, lots of people tend to do that.

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    It's unusual if you don't use that as your married name and will raise questions, but you can do it in most states. You need to check your state naming laes.

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    It's not weird but it's kind of mean.

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    I think that makes total sense. That way, neither of you has to give up your name, and your child inherits both of your names. Another way would be to merge your names into a new surname without a hyphen, like Mabrown. 

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    My wife and I have an agreement.  We both agree that changing her name doesn't make much sense, and we also don't want to hyphenate.  So, if it's a boy, he'll get my name, and if it's a girl she'll get my wife's name.

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