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1. A balloon has1.2 L of a gas is at 1.1 atm. What will be the new volume of the balloon if the balloon is placed in a partial vacuum with a pressure of 0.35 atm? 

2. What is the pressure of 725 mL of a gas at 100.2 kPa if it’s volume is changed to 125 mL? 

3. Explain why weather balloons are not completely filled with gas before they sail into the upper atmosphere.

4. The maximum lung capacity of an average adult is about 4-6 L. A scuba diver takes a breath of about 2.1 L of air at a depth of 30 m where the pressure is 405 kPa. If the diver holds his/her breath while rising to the surface, where the pressure is 102 kPa, what is the volume of air in the lungs. What is the likely result?

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    1. At constant temperature


    V₂ =P₁V₁/ P₂ = (1.1 atm)(1.2 L)/(0.35 atm) = 3.8 L

    2. P₁V₁=P₂V₂

    P₂ =P₁V₁/ V₂ = (100.2 kPa)(725 mL)/(125 mL) = 581 kPa

    3. As the weather balloons rise up the low outside pressure allows expansion of volume in the balloon. If the balloon is completely filled with gas then the balloon can prematurely burst, instead of at higher altitude.

    4. P₁V₁=P₂V₂

    V₂ = P₁V₁/P₂ = (405 kPa)(2.1 L)/(102 kPa) = 8.3 L

    Since average adult's lung capacity is 4-6 L , the scuba diver's lung will burst

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