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I feel like I’m failing in life at such a young age, any advice? please help.?

I’m 17, almost 18 in a few months. I have severe anxiety and depression and because of that I have yet to experience a lot of stuff young adults have. I feel I am failing because I absolutely failed high school, I can’t make it much because the anxiety and depression is so bad I couldn’t even step out of my moms car to go into school most days, my grades dropped a tremendous amount since freshman year, I have yet to have my first job, I don’t have a single friend, I stay at home all the time, I don’t know how to drive, I can’t even make eye contact with people in a grocery store- sometimes I can’t even begin to make eye contact with my siblings and my mother or I get so scared I start to cry a little. I am even being to be more depressed by looking back and thinking about how I ****** my self over and I’m doomed in life, with my grades, and not even making it through the damn SAT test, I can’t go into my dream career field not the college I wished to attend. I just know I’m **** out of luck and I don’t know where to turn. Who would even want to hire someone like me, with no experience, a **** gpa, and being a super senior isn’t awful, it was just never in my plans, and now I’m faced with the reality of it and how bad I’ve managed to mess up high school by not telling anyone how I was feeling sooner just leaves me to cry in my room at night, all I do now is continue to be a loser and cry because I’m a loser and there is no one to blame but myself. pls, i just need some advice.


I’m also on medication for the anxiety and depression. I’ve been through several actually, yet they never really help and the psychiatrist I’ve had just doesn’t seem to fully listen or understand how awful I feel- this is the second psychiatrist I’ve had, I’m thinking I should tell my mom I don’t feel like this is a great match for me but I’m scared I’ll just disappoint her more. She’s a great mother, but she’s also ill- she’s a heart and lung patient, a severe one and I don’t want to worry her.

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    Funny how often people claim to be diagnosed but aren't intelligent enough to know that those kind of meds also come with a doctor to actually answer questions like this and refer you to further aid.   Grow up and stop begging for attention online.

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    Sometimes a person needs to go see several psychiatrists before they feel comfortable.  Show your mom this post and ask her to help you change to a new psychiatrist.  Keeping your feelings to yourself isn't the way to handle it.

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    maybe try home schooling

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