Did my teacher try to sexually assault me and was his planned ruined?

Hi there,

So im thinking back when I was in high school I was 16 and I was in a drama club. I just remembered about something happening with my drama teacher after watching some true crime! Anyways, my teacher had an idea to film footage for a play we were putting on. The weird part was that I remember he only wanted to film me he didn't invite any other students and I remember he said he wanted to go to his house to film. This happened years ago now so my memory is a bit hazy, but I remember I was really nervous about it and didnt have a good feeling that it was ok. I also didnt tell my mom or anyone else about it. I remember the day we left another student came not sure if i told her to come or if he had invited her, but yes the other student came and we WENT TO HIS HOUSE! i remember we were filming and nothing inappropriate happened, we even walked around downtown filming, but anyways nothing happened, but thinking back now IF i would have been ALONE, would he have tried to do something bad to me? THank god nothing bad happened and now I feel so stupid about having gone! Now, its definitely such a WEIRD THING THAT A TEACHER WOULD HAVE EVEN INVITED ME TO HIS HOUSE?! we were there alone with him in his house, but like i said we just acted some parts of the play which was nothing inappropriate, but did he have bad intentions?? it terrifies me thinking about this now

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  • Alan H
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    1 month ago

    Nothing DID happen which is the important thing.  Who knows what may have happened? 

     You were wise to take a friend; learn from that for future occasions 

  • 1 month ago

    For heaven's sake. Nobody here can know whether he might have had "bad intentions", it's 50/50, but in any case nothing DID happen, and you learned a useful lesson. And you were outside walking around town too - obviously not an ideal place for a teacher to molest a student.

    It's silly to allow this incident to "terrify" you. Most people would have grown up by now and realised it was careless of a teacher to invite a young girl to his house alone (but you're not sure whether he invited the other girl?) but things were more relaxed then and anyway you were SIXTEEN not six. You could and should have had the sense to walk out if he'd made any moves.

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