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Two power systems, A and B, having capacities of 3000 and 2000 MW, respectively, are interconnected through a tie-line and both operate with frequency bias- tie line control. The frequency bias for each area is 1% of the system capacity per 0.1Hz frequency deviation. If the tie-line interchange for A is set at 100MW and for B is set (incorrectly) at 200MW, calculate the steady-state change in frequency.

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    The frecuency bias for power system A

    βA = 1 % of system capacity per 0.1 Hz

    βA =[(1/100) x 3000]/0.1 = 300MW/Hz

    For power system B

    βB =[(1/100) x 2000]/0.1 = 200MW/Hz

    Tie line interchange for power system A

    ΔPA= 100MW

    ΔPB = 200MW

    ΔPA + βAf = ΔPB +  βBf 

    100 + 300f= 200 + 200f


    f= 1Hz

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