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how to stop a candy/sugar addiction?

okay, as silly as this sounds... i think i have a problem. 

im quite young (17), and all i ever eat is sugary sweets and candy. it makes me happy, it tastes absolutely amazing, and i just love it.

my online friends keep telling me to stop eating so many sweets or I'll face serious health problems later on.

well, my question is how do I go about this? i know it's bad. i always have headaches, im dizzy quite often, and im sometimes shaky, etc. etc. i know it's wrong but it's basically an addiction now. i spend too much money on sweets. i eat too many sweets. 


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  • 1 month ago

    It takes about two weeks to drop the sugar. You’ll definitely withdraw with headaches or more, but it’s well worth it. Substitute water and fruits 

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