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Is it shameful to not getting married?

My parents want me to get married before 30 or 35. I'm just a 22 year old guy.

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    It's a decision your parents can't really make for you, kitten. Unless your culture does arranged marriages.

    But you'll understand by 35.

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    I've been married twice and still regret it 40 years later. Being a man, you should be very careful who you do marry with the family laws being such, you could lose everything you have worked for if you choose the wrong partner and you split up. Youy might remind your parents about that angle . . .   BTW - if there are children as a result of that union - you can also tell your parents, if there is a break up, grand parents don't get/have visitation rights.

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    oh shut up. you still have another 8-13 years...

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    Not at all! weather you want to get married is 100 percent up to you, and you shouldn't feel any shame if you choose not to. I hope your parents will grow to respect your decision. I hoped this helped! Good luck :)

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    So you've got more than 10 years to decide if that is what YOU want.

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    Your parents need to live their own lives.  Why are you worried about what they want in yours?  You need to live your life according to the way you see fit.

  • Liz
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    No, it isn't shameful. Your parents shouldn't push you into something that could prove disastrous if you aren't ready for the responsibilities. There are millions of men who have made being single a career. These Christian men focus on serving God to the fullest capacity so as not to be distracted. Why not consider the article on the website below which discusses singleness and its benefits.

    Source(s): 2/8 The Bible’s Viewpoint When Singleness Is a Gift
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    First, you are way too young to get married.  IF you MUST get married, wait until you are at least 35 to even start looking for a possible future fiance'.  Even then, have a LONG engagement...

    And as you mentioned your parents, then you need to know this:

    The very WORST reason to get married is that your parents want you to do it.  In fact, one way of knowing that you are ready for marriage is that you have reached a level of maturity where the opinion of your parents DOES NOT MATTER.

    In other words, somewhere around age 35 or 40, you will meet somebody wonderful, and be absolutely convinced that you want to spend the rest of your life with her.  At that point, the thought of pleasing your parents will not even cross your mind.  A marriage is between two people.  JUST two.  If you have to give any thought at all as to how your PARENTS will react (good or bad) to the thought of you getting married (or NOT getting married)...then you simply are not ready to get married!!!

    When you are ready to get married, you MIGHT possibly invite your parents to the wedding.  And that is the only consideration you will give your parents.  It won't be "Mom, do you like her?"   It will be, "Mom, I'm marrying her and you are welcome to attend the wedding if you wish to..."

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    don't get married it will ruin your life

    Source(s): every married person ever
  • Helen
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    1 month ago

    Not at all. Do what makes you happy.

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