Is it true that autistic people have a shorter lifespan?

One of my psychiatrists told me that I would only live up to 50 years old because that is typically how long autistic people will last. Is this true or was she just saying saying that because she was in a bad mood?

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  • 7 months ago
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    People with more severe autism may have a shorter life span.  They may engage in dangerous behavior, not be able to tell care takers that they are sick or might not even recognize they are sick.

    I knew a child that broke his arm and didn't even notice because he was so under responsive to pain.

    I knew another child, 8 years old, that wandered from home and got into a lake.  He was found a few days later.

    Some die from abuse and neglect from care takers.

    the fact that you can communicate  indicates you are not at high risk.

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    7 months ago

    Autistic people are very likely to remain single the majority of their lives, and lonely people have a lower lifespan. 50 years is ridiculous though.

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    Doubt it.  Have a look at the Greek philosophers.  Some of them lived into their 90s at a time when the typical Greek had a much shorter life.

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    There's some truth to that. I'm giving you a link to an article that cites some of the statistics and the reasons. Keep in mind that the average is lowered greatly by the number of autistic children who die from accidents because they wander away from home or into bad situations. There's also a higher risk of being killed by parents who can't deal with caring for a highly autistic child, or by the police who don't understand how a person is acting. The author also talks about how exhausting it is dealing with autism every day, and how that can lead to health problems. I'm sure that's true. But you have to remember that is one child dies at the age of 1, and another person dies at the age of 100, that averages to 50 1/2. Don't take the averages too seriously. 

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