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he says were talking but he keeps adding girls to facebook, what do i do?

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    I think we need more here.  What do you mean "We're talking"?  Are you dating? Are you talking because you're trying to repair a relationship?  

    In truth, when I see someone in any relationship who is 'adding girls' on Facebook, I wonder at their commitment to the relationship.  If you're just 'dating', going out, dinner, movies, etc - then it's just dating.  There is no commitment here.  No one has said "let's be exclusive."  If there is a mention of exclusivity, AND he's still adding girls on Facebook then YOU have to realize that he has no commitment to the relationship at all.  He doesn't care about you, or how it looks.  

    My daughter was married to a guy who kept commenting on his female friend's pictures.  "Looking good!"  stuff like that.  I told her how it looks and she brushed it off.  they are no longer together.  

    You need to be comfortable with his life and comfortable in your relationship before you can say "This is not right."  You need to tell him how you feel about this and ask him what his commitment is to the relationship.  If he cannot commit exclusively, it's time for you to find someone else. You're not in this to educate someone or to wait for him to decide on you.  You want someone who will commit - exclusively. 

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