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Is all apparel from Fanatics low quality?

The only respectable NHL apparel you can buy on that website is baseball caps, all the jerseys ($200+ - colors run off the patches within a few years and they offer you no way to repair the defect, even if you are willing to pay), shirts (numbers / names fade after 1 wash in cold water without detergent), and I haven't bought a hoodie or a jacket from Fanatics, but I'm willing to bet those are garbage too. 

Is the NFL merchandise from Fanatics just as bad? I was about to buy a jersey as a gift and saw who the manufacturer was and hit the brakes.

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    1 month ago

    Hit or miss but if you find it low quality, then don't shop there, problem solved.

  • 1 month ago

    I don't know I've usually had good luck with them. Have a STL Cards sweater that has been washed a few times and is still good quality. I also had a Dallas Cowboys hoodie that was of very nice quality and lasted forever. I usually just buy the hats from New Era as I trust their fitting.

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