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Why is Mario praised as such an iconic video game character?

He has a couple of good games: Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, but all of those are dated.

He hasn't had an "iconic" game since then, I think even his fans agree.

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    I believe it has to do with Nintendo creating and keeping the character. Many characters are passed from platform to platform and even when they begin to become popular all new producers take the story and run with it. Look at Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. Both of those characters were great in their time, but both characters were passed onto new teams after just three mainline games and what happened? The fun level of the characters went down.

    When you take a creation away from the creator it's not going to have the same pazas. (Sorry if I spelled that wrong.) The new teams don't necessarily know what made the characters so lovable in the first place. They don't connect with it the same way a creator would. They don't feel the bond between the character and themselves.

    When you create something, though, and people love it, and you know why you love it and they know why they love it, than the love can be recreated and recaptured and that, my friend, is when it is created.

    Also Nintendo keeps her characters. She doesn't give them to PlayStation or X-Box. She developed them and she keeps them. Nintendo is proud to give her buyers all end-to-end production. That's what she does. So when people go to Nintendo, they know they are getting something that has been worked on and has been made by people who are proud of it.

    Ergo Jumpman.

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    Babe Ruth is considered an iconic sports star even though the majority of people living today never saw him play.but that doesn't mean he's not an iconic sports star.

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    First of all, I like the sentence- "He has a couple of good games"... as if he is the one that made them.

    Uh, he just has a lot of staying power. I guess b/c he is a plumber (or Nintendo let us just assume he is) he is an every-man, so that is part of the appeal. Similarly, he basically has a dad-bod and is short, so that sort of adds to the every-man-ness... Yet he is capable of fantastic feats and has accomplished a lot of stuff across the various/numerous games he's in...

    And let's not forget that he caught on so much that he has his name on several spin-offs; I mean, even if the main Mario games were just alright, everybody is down for some Mario Kart or Mario Party.

    I guess the way to put it is: Nintendo is so legit that they're able to have Mario as their Poster Boy and it is no issue whatsoever... Also, even if you feel that he has only had a few homeruns, the numerous & consistently solid main Mario games there are also count for something. Basically all Mario games are good and they're typically very marketable, particularly to young players; but accessibility is important and Mario games are typically the kind of game you can hand to someone to play and they'll be entertained... like I said, that has to count for something.

    Source(s): Idk how many people - if at all - you poll'd about the "He hasn't had an "iconic" game since then, I think even his fans agree." statement, but I disagree and I think you'd find that most people who are paying attention to the main Mario games being put out would disagree.
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    Mario Bros comes from the nintendo era

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    Mario is Nintendo's cash cow and they are milking it for all he's worth. Also, Super Mario Bros. was the game that saved the video game industry. It helped Mario and Luigi become household names.

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    Mario is one of the oldest game ever.

    Source(s): Opera news.
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    Mario's first home video game was released at the tail-end of a few-year era where video games were going out of fashion -- the NES essentially revitalized interest in the medium, and Super Mario Bros. was one of the most prominent games on release. The consistent releases in the years to follow, and Nintendo becoming a near-monopoly, helped in cementing the mascot's status as especially prominent.

    Whether or not he had an iconic game after what you listed is debatable, but even if there hasn't been an iconic release in a while that doesn't really erase him from this historical role.

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    As a general rule most iconic characters are dated and recognized by the influence made.  A "brand new" character hasn't had time yet to influence anything.  So even if there isn't a "brand new" thing it shouldn't dissuade you from recognizing a character as to whether or not they are iconic.

    Mario has brought inspiration to gaming, cartoons, and even cereal.

    Check out the link for the "Nintendo Cereal System" (ahhh, late 80's nostalgia)  

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    Sunshine was pretty damn iconic. Galaxy was amazing. Odyssey is basically Mario as refined as he's ever played. I don't think there's been a miss in his main titles. If you like platformers (and I'm aware many younger gamers don't) Mario's been about as innovative and well polished as the genre gets pretty much for as long as it's existed.

    Besides, Sonic is still iconic too, and save for Sonic Mania, he hasn't had a decent game since... Maybe Sonic Adventures in 1998 was ok? 

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    1 month ago

    You have no idea what you're talking about. The original Super Mario Bros. came at a time where video games were on the verge of death, and the game saved the industry because of how innovative it was. 

    Then Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World came, which greatly expanded upon the original, and are still considered some of, if not the, greatest 2D platformers. They are not "dated", you just need to consider the time they came out in. 

    Super Mario 64 revolutionized 3D games as a whole, and that's why it is still considered one of the best games of all time. Again, consider the time it came out in. Since then, Super Mario Galaxy one and two, as well as Odyssey have been released, which expanded on 64 and were received amazingly.

    This is without mentioning that Mario, of course, is extremely marketable and that's why he has branched into so many well received spin offs it's hard to keep count.

    I'm guessing you are too young to understand all I explained above, but do some damn research, because obviously your opinion is not shared by millions of gamers. What video games do YOU play, if I may ask? 

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