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Which job sounds more difficult, owning a McDonalds, being a registered nurse, or being a stay at home parent  ?

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    Being a registered nurse.  The mask is starting to wear away at me, and I only wear it for brief shopping trips.  It's the best we can buy, an N100 and has a ventilator but, it hurts my face.  I wear it tight because that is how we are supposed to.  Nurses cannot wear a cheap cloth mask - they would contract the virus on the first day.  They need the ones that actually "prevent" virus transmission.  They must be worn tight.  You've seen the marks on their faces, and the doctors' faces, right?  After wearing a mask all day long?  I can't imagine that discomfort every day, among people dying left, right and front, and the number of sick people who are having great difficulty breathing, and other horrible symptoms.  I know it would disturb me greatly.  I'd go home crying and thinking about those people.  You want to help them so badly and you feel for them and their pain.  I tend to "feel" way too hard.

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    None of those is even close in comparison. 

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    I feel like this question is sort of condescending.

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    For me, a registered nurse.  That knowledge is foreign to me and quite frankly I wouldn't enjoy it.  Both those things make it a highly difficult job to enjoy.  I have business knowledge so owning a franchise I could figure out.  A stay at home parent, well, it is what you make out of it.  Also depends on how many kids, your home, your family income, etc.  

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    Being a registered nurse but more satisfying than the others.

    1.Owning McDonalds you own it and have others do the work for you and accountants and managers to sort out the business while you get the profits

    2. Being a RN means a lot of studying and exams and work experience for 3 years.

    3. A stay at home mum is on the job training for the rest of your life but it also carries the love of a child.

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    Is the being a stay at home parent by choice or by circumstance?

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