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Best and Worst Camry model years?

I heard that 2007-2009 is bad but 2005-2006 is good. I also heard the 2013 model year is good. Does anyone know more that what Carcomplaints says?

I'm looking to buy new 4-cyl Camry to replace my 1997 Camry v6 which has been mostly good. At first I was going to get a 2006 or 2005 but there aren't too many good ones being sold at a good price. Now I'm looking at 2013 models.

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    Just dont get a 2007-2009 or 2010 camry because they have oil dilution problems because of their piston rings. Nothing wrong, but need to check and add oil when it burns it.

    Honestly, good or bad, it depends on the previous owner and how they drove it and if they maintained the vehicle. If they didnt take care of it, then its going to be a junky car

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    I rented a 2015 model a few years ago. Very boring to drive and look at but if you just want comfortable A to B.

    Did see a “Camry” NASCAR at Goodwood Festival of Speed, probably the only exciting Camry.

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    You have to inspect and test drive the vehicle that you are buying.  Just going by with the recommendations of websites will not cut it.  A "best year model" is worthless if the car has a blown head gasket.

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