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I asked a question but I'm worried it might have been offensive. Should I be worried?

I asked a question that could have been offensive but was a genuine question. this is the only answer I got "I have reported this. Well done simian" should I be worried? because it felt like my heart froze when I read this. Did I offend someone or is this just a troll and if I did offend someone should I be worried.

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    I looked at your profile and found it. It really was not a good question since it is impossible to answer, just a start to a discussion. It will also appear trollish to some. If it gets deleted, it is no big deal. Just live and learn not to ask personal questions as they really can not be answered.

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    hopefully nothing will happen, just dont do it again

  • 1 month ago

    If you get notified that your question was removed because of some report monkey, appeal, explaining the interpretation that you use to rate it as inoffensive. Chances are that you will get a form apology and your question will be reposted.

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