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University/future engineering ?

I’ve been wanting to go into biomedical engineering but I’ve been reading that’s it is a horrible major and the salary is one of the lowest compared to the other engineering programs and the employment rate could also be improved, and my university that I am going into (Ryerson) does not have a biomedical engineering minor, too many people are doing mechanical so I do not want to do that one, which engineering should I do? I don’t care which one it is as long as it’s salary is decent and employment rate is good

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    You need to seriously ask your self if you really want to  get a degree in engineering.  It is a very difficult and time consuming major.  Thing is most engineers, me included, chose this major and profession because we are fascinated with learning how the world works, and how we can apply that knowledge to make the world work better.  If you say, screw that, sounds like nonsense to me, I want a good living, then go to HVAC or electrician or plumbers school.  Much faster, cheaper, and jobs are plentiful everywhere. Don't waste the next four years cursing at engineering.  BTW, I'm a mechanical engineer with a BS and MS, have been so for decades, PE for decades, and would do the same if I were starting today.  So there, too many mechanical engineers. 

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    Going in to any engineering major for money, instead of because you love it and can't possibly stay away, is a recipe for failure.

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    Go to a library and take a Vocational Aptitude Test. It is free and will tell you what your strongest fields are. Go for your degree in your strongest field. You can branch later into other fields but get your degree in your strongest first. It is where you will be happiest working. Your salary will depend on how good you are in your career. If it is not enough improve and demand more.

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    You seem to have a problem thinking critically about a problem. You don't take engineering just to get a job and make money. It requires a  commitment that only a person who really has a passion for engineering can have. You will need  to deal with the heavy work load to get a degree. You will need to schedule you study times, be declined and fully committed. 


    If you follow your current course where you don't care which degree you get then you should take mechanical engineering because it is the most general and easily adapted to most any job.

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