What church is best for me?

I'm 25 years old, never been to church, I was raised by a single mother of two kids who taught me about God and believes he exists but we never attended church, in my town we have churches by different names like Catholic, Presbyterian, Christian, Baptist, Anglican and Jehovah and im not sure what the difference is I know some churches are more strict then others and I dont want to upset anybody to give detail as a kid i was in trouble with the law I took drugs i got into alot of fights i smoked i drank and ive got a son out of wedlock (five years old) since having my son ive calmed down alot but I still smoke cigarettes and drink, i haven't been feeling myself lately and I just feel like I need some guidance or purpose but I dont want to go to a strict church and upset anybody due to my past actions or the fact I have a son without being married so im just hoping someone can explain the differences between these churches to me and maybe give me guidance on where would be best for me 

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  • Sean
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    1 month ago
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    Smoking and having a drink is not a sin unless God tells you it is. Think of it like how the alcoholic is asked by God to not get drunk, but then there are verses in scripture that encourage drinking. It's based on what God has commanded. If God has therefore asked you to stop smoking and drinking, then do so. Don't think of it as a sin otherwise but rather as something to do. None of it should have power over you though.

    As for a church body, we are asked to seek out the character of God with all our heart, strength and mind. In doing so, we come to know him. By knowing him, we now can walk together with like-minded people in Christ. If you don't know him, I would suggest refraining from church for the time being until you do know him. Why? Because you could be misled. Some of those you mentioned are cults that are not okay for a Christian to believe in as they believe in a different gospel than what the bible teaches.

    Once you do come to know who God is and draw close to him, have him lead you. If anything, I would suggest a non-denominational church, but even that can be misleading if you don't know who God is or what he stands for/against. One thing that helped me was to really dig into what Christ said about the church. He asked us to be part of the body of Christ. Now that body is not bound to a building or organization. It very well could be run from your own household. It could be a bible study at 6 in the morning or on a Thursday evening. There is that liberality in Christ. He just asks that we be part of that body. You can learn how to discern these followers of Christ by reading the word, and he asks that we steer clear of those walking in a different way.

    Lastly, we are all sinners, and if Christ is for you, who can stand against you! Don't be discouraged by your past behavior. You are a new creation in Jesus. That old man has been wiped out! If anyone has got anything to say to you, stand firm with gentleness and patience. Sadly, many don't think of themselves as sinners, and these you should convict and if they don't listen, avoid them.

  • Paul
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    1 month ago

    The original and true Christian Church, to which Jesus promised the fullness of God's truth, has never taught that drinking in moderation is sinful. That would be pretty silly, since Jesus not only drank wine, but used it in instituting the most holy sacrament of His Church. The name of that church is the Catholic Church. It accepts anyone who sincerely desires to come closer to God, and never holds anyone's past against them.

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    You'd be amazed at the number of people who regularly attend church who have...shall we say...interesting pasts 😉  Over the course of my 40+ years as a Christian, I have PERSONALLY known Christians who have...

    ...been to prison...had children out of wedlock ...WERE children born out of wedlock ...cheated on their spouses...domestic abusers ...had gambling problems

    ...been crime victims, including rape 

    ...been homeless

    ...been divorced

    ...declared bankruptcy

    ...used drugs

    ...sold drugs 

    ...been sex offenders on national registries

    ...been hospitalized for mental illness

    Theologically speaking, any church or denomination WHICH UPHOLDS JESUS CHRIST AS GOD AND SAVIOR is acceptable. That being said, there are many differences between denominations regarding beliefs and styles of worship.  It may take you some time to find the denomination, and the specific congregation, which is right for you.

    Remember this:

    "A church is not a museum for saints.  It's a hospital for sinners."

    ----------- Ann Landers

    If you want to visit a church, but feel awkward about doing so, try phoning the church ahead of time and explain that to the clergyman or church secretary or church elders or others who answer.  Most will glad to answer any questions you have, or even to meet with you if you wish 🙂

    God bless and keep you, Trent 🌹

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    At John 4:24, Jesus told a Samaritan woman that those worshiping God must worship him in spirit and truth. At John 17:17, Jesus said that God’s word is truth. Indeed, he constantly quoted it and referred to it when he taught, defended, and set things straight. It is noteworthy that the Samaritan woman actually put forth a sincere effort to worship God; the Samaritans worshipped the God of Moses at Mt. Gerizim, about 30 miles north of Jerusalem. Jesus kindly but firmly made it clear to her that she would have to make changes if she wanted her worship to be acceptable to God. John 4:20-23.

    Our worship should not match what we need. Our worship should match what God requires. And since Christ made it clear where God’s truth can be found, our worship should match revealed truth in God’s word the Bible. You might consider visiting different churches on a regular basis (once or twice won’t do); try to get someone in each to use their Bible and tell you what their doctrines are, or get someone from each to study the Bible with you. You can study the Bible with each on a different day of the week – just the basics which will give you a basic understanding of that particular church.

    Your comment that some churches are more strict than others shows that you are aware of standards. It is God who sets the standards of right and wrong behavior for those who wish to worship him acceptably.

    The Samaritan woman – mentioned earlier – was in a situation that may have caused others to judge her. Christ simply described her situation to her without judging and he expressed to her the need for her worship to, from that moment on, be grounded in truth. Read the rest of the account to see the effect this had on not only the Samaritan woman but the rest of the Samaritans as well. We must worship with spirit and truth. Visit several different churches and give them a chance to show you, scripturally, whether they worship with truth. Catholic, Presbyterian, Anglican, and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Hannah J Paul

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  • 1 month ago

    It would take a long time to list the differences. You could try attending more than one, over a few weeks, and see which suits you best.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    First of all - a good church DOES NOT CARE about your past - they should be trying to SAVE YOU from your "bad" life habits by showing you the path to a better way in the belief of God.

    Personally - I recommend anything BUT Catholic, Anglican, or Jehovah.  (Jehovah have a few very strange beliefs and rituals that just doesn't match up to something I would get involved with.  Catholic churches are okay - but you almost need to be "born into" the Catholic faith - it is hard to become a member if your family wasn't already members and you grew up in that faith.  I don't know much about Anglican - so I can't really recommend it either way)

    I would go with Baptist or Presbyterian.  As for "Christian" - everything you listed are all forms of Christian churches because they are all based on the belief in Christ.  So, I am not sure what a church just calling itself "Christian" would be.  I would almost be careful of that since it could just be some self made "minister" that might be misleading the congregation.  (there have been "cults" that start out appearing to be just churches but the longer you go - the more you realize it is just a brainwashing scheme and the next thing you know - you have gave away all your money to the church because the "minister" is actually a scam artist.)

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Maybe none.....No church is perfect.    

  • 1 month ago

    I'm a Catholic that doesn't practice and I was shown the JW Bible by a JW who said that there isn't any difference apart from the JW Bible saying Jehovah instead of God more often, the Catholic Bible only says it once but apart from that it's the same book. Whenever I mention this someone might comment that I'm lying but all you have to do is compare the two. The Jehovah's Witness I know was right, the Catholic Bible and the Jehovah's Witness Bible is essentially the same. I don't believe Catholicism or Jehovah's Witnesses but the JWs are the ones that actually read the book.

  • 1 month ago

    I would hope that no church would be upset by your past, but would embrace you. If you want to go to a less formal church, then maybe baptist or else one that doesn’t have a traditional denomination name.

    You can pray and ask God to lead you to the church where you can grow in faith and experience His love.

     God bless you and your son, lead you to a church family who loves Him, and draw you close to Him, in Jesus’ name. He loves you so much and His plans for your lives are far more amazing than you can imagine.

  • The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus. The rest are man made. Short video explains:


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