How come people think that I'm an idiot and say that wherever I move to it is still the same?

So I'm wanting to move out of this area soon and people are annoying me. I want to put the house back on the market and people are giving me a hard time over it. My family won't let me yet and say that I have to clean up the house in order for the new realtor to agree to it. He told us to clean up to make the house look more representable. I'm doing my best but I still have to keep some of my stuff out. I need my desktop computers and etc. Everyone keeps on telling me to put them away. Andrew told me that moving to houston isn't going to change anything and he says that I will be miserable but even worse. He knows nothing and doesn't understand that I will be in an new vietnamese community. I'm going to be careful to keep my reputation whenever I move there. I'm tired of people starting stuff with me. Andrew told me " If your house hasn't sold in a year then it is never gonna get sold, your house is a piece of crap that no one wants to live in". I'm so freaking fed up with society. I just want to go buy a shotgun and go out and vent out my frustrations with it. I'm sick and tired of society's treatment towards me. I don't care if anyone thinks that I'm a danger to myself and others cause I may be dangerous. I'm like micheal westin, he's dangerous and he's cool. How come people think that I'm an idiot ? Why do people keep on saying that everywhere is the same for me when I know going to a new place will change my life ?????????????

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  • 1 month ago

    Blah, blah, blah.

    Whine, whine, whine.

    The reason people tell you are an idiot is because it is true.

    People have explained how your behavior is unacceptable time after time and you stomp your foot like a three year old with your hands over your ears singing I can't hear you.

    Moving is not going to change anything in your life.  You'll once again lash out at others, harass, threaten and abuse them till they sever connections with you just to protect themselves.  

    At age 30 still living with your parents, refusing to get or keep a job, stealing and using others to get the things you don't want to work for, all those things are not going to change because you don't have the incentive to actually become an self supporting adult.

    Being autistic is not free pass and being an immature brat and inept troll is not a disability, jacob.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There are lots of maybe's and problems  in your question. 

    One problem is we have this Coron 19 virus going around, so people are staying home more, not going out. Not wanting to get sick.  Are you in an area where this bug is active? Would people want to combine look where you are? 

    Would it be possible to move to where you want and check the place out? See if you would like it first?   When I moved to my place, the first year here two people tried to kill me! 

    You must clean your house to sell it and keep it clean. Better odds of selling it if you fix it up and paint it to look better! 

    There is lots of privet information on our computers. Also they cost money. So if one leaves them out, someone may steal it/them, while being shown the house!  So better to put them away when you are not around.

    Too often people are staring, Yet others times not. One may just be thinking of ____ and they eyes just aimed in one direction.  And it dose not make any difference what we look like, people are staring at us all.  Have you never seen in life or on TV shows where woman try and make themselves look prettier to get men to look at them? Attraction and attention  is what most people Do want!   Have you ever asked one that was looking at you to go on a date? 

    There is a house across from mine that has been up for sale for over a decade.  Not good looking. 

    Since you are wanting to kill yourself this means you are not Believing in the One and only real God of the Bible!  That sent His son Jesus to be our teacher. Love, real Love comes only from and with God!  If you are an atheist you are probably about to have a fit now! This is normal.  Atheists too often do not want to admit that their lives are lacking something. And are often going out and breaking laws, dreaming this may make them look bigger. Yet it is Atheists and fake god believers that are filling our jails up!  Look in jails at what type of people are in them. At rare times when one or two have decided to become Believers and Obeyers of God, they have been on the local news! So rare.  The ones that Do Beleive in God Obey laws and help others! 

    How about you pray to God now and ask God for help? Ask God for help and understanding. 

    The Bible dose states that God sends us here to test us. To see what decisions we will make. To Obey and follow God or just follow the devil and evil ways? So negative things are to happen, to test us. To see If we will stay with God. 

    Multiple times murder has been tried on me; yet I am still here and for God! Because I am also understanding and obeying God! With God and filled with LOVE from and with God! 

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    Your rant suggests that you may be mentally ill. Consequently, where ever you go, you will still be the root of all your issues. You need to get professional help if anything is going to improve

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