Are we in the time period where we can assume everyone comprehend what they read on the internet?

People are basically on the internet 24/7 whether they're reading text,reddit, wiki or just about everything from amazon reviews to youtube comments. Is it safe to assume everyone comprehend what they read

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  • 1 month ago

    It's highly dangerous and deceptive to believe everyone can comprehend what their read online, this is because everybody is mentally different, and understands things in a different way. Let's suppose one perosn can see the sun, and he says it's beautiful and yellow, and he tells a blind person to look at the sun, of course there is no way for a blind person to see the sun, so to the blind person, the other gentlemen's point of view of a beautiful sun and yellow sun is subjective, (merely his own opinion), my point is quite simply this, do not judge!

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  • 1 month ago

    My adult son sent me to  This has charts (which are interactive are REALLY complex) that will tell you how reliable each news source is, and how they skew left and right.  For most of us, this validates our own intelligent assessments.  For some - it is a shock; these are the folks that only walk in their own forest, and talk to their own trees.  They ASSUME that the channel they turn on each day is fair and balanced - because they have been hearing the same viewpoint day after day, and thus have digested it - the thought of OTHER points of view - often loudly criticized by EACH side's ravers - seem unthinkable to them.  A lie repeated three times ("people are saying . . ") does not become the truth - and the truth hidden ("No, we will NOT release that information - it is classified!" does not make the truth just go away. 

    There are people who can tell you every single detail about dozens and dozens of sports teams, players, leagues, records, etc.  But these people will often say "Nah - I don't read all that political stuff - too complicated!"  Or they say "I do not vote - my vote doesn't count!"    Yup - only slightly more than HALF of all Americans vote.  The folks with the HIGHEST percentage of voting - those that are naturalized - they came here to become informed, express an opinion, and VOTE - which they could not do in their corrupt and oppressive native country  That is why MY four grandparents came - and I have never missed voting in ANY election in over FIFTY YEARS.  I also taught school for almost 30 of those years - and I can tell you just how awful many people's comprehension is - and how uninformed they are.  But pick THEIR favorite obsession?  They know details in vast amounts.  As a society, we are a hot mess . .  .

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