Time to organize a wedding?

Approximately how long does it take to organize a wedding in New York City?

Can you tell me? In this way I will have an idea on which date to choose to get married.


I'd like a simple and romantic wedding. I don't want something glitzy or extravagant.

I'd like to get married in the Rainbow Room while my boyfriend wants to get married in Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

It might also be a good idea to celebrate the wedding in one place and to celebrate the other.

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    First, if you aren't having a church ceremony, don't have the civil ceremony in one place and the reception in another.  It's super inconvenient for your guests.  The 2 of you need to talk this through, or maybe even find a 3rd option.

    To answer your question, it's hard without knowing how many guests.  I put together a destination wedding of about 70 in 5 months.  But we had our venue and catering lined up, which really helped.  Also, assuming you're paying for this, the best advice I can offer to keep things moving is keep drama to a minimum.  This is what derails people.  I had 2-3 people who I bounced ideas off of, and otherwise I did not talk about my plans.

    Finally, you mentioned something about your mom making the wedding cake.  If this is important to you, it will limit your options.  I'd be shocked if a place like The Rainbow Room would let an outside person make the cake.  It's all about liability concerns. 

  • Trish
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    4 weeks ago

    If you don't want a church wedding the garden seems a good second choice so you can marry underneath the heavens in front of God and everyone.  Good Luck and congratulations.

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    I planned a wedding in six months. Knew a caterer I wanted to use, found a venue and secured it, hired a florist, made the dress myself. Made and decorated the cake myself. Had one attendant (who also made her own dress) and Husband had one attendant, who wore a suit he already owned.  found the husband's divorce papers, applied for a married license, found an officiant from a friend's church. Done. No wedding planner, no DJ, no dancing, no 'first look' photographs, no limousine, no champagne fountain, no photo booth (although I do think those are fun, they weren't a thing when we got married.)

    Since you seem to abhor doing any research yourself:

    Rainbow Room prices start at $300 a person. So, for your simple, romantic wedding with 98 of your closest friends, expect a tab of $30,000 for the reception. How long will it take you to save that kind of money?

    There was a very desirable wedding venue where I live. I didn't look into it, but another bride did- It was booked two years out. 

    BBG is a little less forthcoming, but there is a place to ask https://www.bbg.org/visit/weddings 

    Or you can get married a 9 a.m. and have a reception elsewhere. No, not any other time: 9 a.m., and you have to complete your ceremony by 10 a.m.

    The first thing you need to consider is the most un-romantic one: what is your budget?

  • drip
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    Unless you are getting  married in a church, it is best to get married and have the reception at the same location.

    Booking the Rainbow room or Brooklyn Gardens mean planning way ahead.  See what dates they have open and the prices. The Rainbow room is pretty glitzy.  I would assume high priced too. BBG isn’t going to be cheap. 

    A friend’s daughter had a low key celebration but it still took time to plan.  Many things, Such as table center pieces were DYI.  They had to book the venue, cake, photographer, DJ.  You got to research venues and check prices. You got to meet with all of them before deciding on who to book.

    If you are feeding 50-100 or more people that takes time to plan out. 

    Just because a wedding isn’t glitzy and extravagant doesn’t mean it doesn’t take time to plan it all out.  

    There are plenty of books and magazine on how to plan a wedding. Check out The Knot web site. Go research it yourself.


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  • 1 month ago

    Depends on the wedding.  It can take a year or more to get a date at a specific venue that is very popular or order a custom-made dress. It doesn't take more than a couple of days to get marriage license and get legally married.  

    The more people involved and the more elaborate the ceremony, the longer it takes to get things in order.  For example, a large, fancy wedding cake may have to be order as much as six months in advance if you're using a very popular bakery.  You can get a cake from COSTCO in a few days.  Same with clothing.  It can take several months to get wedding, bridesmaids, and groomsmen's coordinated outfits selected, ordered, and ready.  If you're willing and able to wear something off the rack or not traditional wedding attire, then you can sort that in a few days too.

    If you choose to get married in a religious ceremony, you also may have to go through some pre-wedding counseling or other steps required by your faith.  

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    The date is usually most dependent on the venue you wish to have it at. Their availability dictates when you can have the wedding.

    If you just want to get married, in most places you can do so almost immediately at city hall (or where ever issues the marriage certificates in your jurisdiction).

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    What sort of wedding? It took us 6 weeks from the proposal to the reception. We wed on the military base, purchased our rings at the BX, booked the base Pastor, had our reception at a Sushi Restaurant in town we reserved 4 weeks in advance, made the invitations ourselves and had a lovely wedding for with 3 dozen guests. Paid cash for the whole thing and spent our money on our honeymoon. There are lots of different kinds of weddings. Some people prepare for 16 months and are frantic to fit it all in. If you gave more information about what you WANT you'll receive more helpful answers. 

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