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I looked at a map of countries besides the US that do not offer universal healthcare, and they were all impoverished, developing countries?

Why are Conservatives comfortable with the US being grouped with Afghanistan, Somalia, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, and Syria?

Every single first world, developed democracy has universal healthcare.

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    Because those nations you mentioned are exactly what Republicans want to turn the U.S. into.  Vast wealth held by very few people, most of the people living in grinding poverty and dying young.  I've often wondered why Republicans don't move to places like Somalia and Yemen?  Both nations have "small (in fact, almost no) government" and the life in those nations aligns very nice with Republican/libertarian values.

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    Cons,  like at Trumps Mount Rushmore  Covid rally............ like to chant USA !!! USA!!!!  USA!!!!!!!!

    when the USA often charts at the bottom of the lists.......for things like education and healthcare. 

    They keep chanting  We're Number One.......when the reality is.....we're like number 47th, or worse,   on important key issues. 

    But you point that out to them, and they call you a communist and tell you to get out of the country, ....rather than address the fact,  that you are right. 

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    That's because our healthcare is a 'free market'!

    Which basically means healthcare providers can charge whatever they want after service is rendered.

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    In America we either get medical coverage as part of our employment compensation , buy that coverage with our earnings or pay for services as needed . Retirees  , the disabled or those in poverty are covered by the generosity of the taxpayer .

    The above are indicators of a prosperous , wealthy capitalist society .

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    They are comfortable with taking advantage of people on the bottom of the socio-economic ladder and not sharing resources if it means the people that are already at the top can have an even bigger piece of the pie. They do not think of cooperation and do not identify with the condition of our nation as a whole, they only identify with their own class within the country, and only think competitively.

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    Now if Israel  , USA's "mother", has universal healthcare, then we Americans have a problem. 

    We can use tax dollars to use to create universal healthcare

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