car shopping. I want safety and reliability/not likely to get stolen. Keyless entry a plus but not essential. Camry, Altima or Corolla help!?

Altima’s engine was loud during test drive (2020) and my Sentra only lasted 10 yrs so I am worried about Nissan lasting long. Corolla (2020) was a great ride but seems expensive for a base model and I heard Toyotas get broken into more for parts. Camry I will test drive today. Also open to lightly used low mileage.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Nissan used to make good cars back in the 1990's but now they compete with Kia at best. Sorry but Nissan has become garbage. A brand new Nissan is cheaper than a brand new Toyota... when options and everything else is considered. Scotty Kilmer on youtube, which is that screaming guy, says Nissan was bought by Renault which is why Nissan has gone downhill.

    Honda's are usually broken into for parts. Toyota, not so much. I've driven both brands and the Hondas have a way better feel on the road. That's why people modify Honda's and turn them into Rice Burners. The same people who think that life is like Fast and Furious, rarely ever have a job that's good enough to afford buying parts for their car, and since they're poor, the have no shame in stealing parts off someone else's car.

    I'm in the market too, but I don't want a new Corolla because I'd rather not deal with a CVT transmission. At best, the 2014-2016 Corolla L base model still uses a regular automatic transmission, so I might look at one of those.

  • 1 month ago

    Stay away from Toyota. I bought a NEW Yaris. I noticed one of the headlights was 'foggy', but thought nothing of it. Being new, I had a regular 6 months check as part of the warranty. Anyway, after a couple of years, I noticed I had only one headlight working. I went back to the dealership and they quoted $400 for a replacement - which I paid. It's occurred to me only recently - what the hell were they doing with those 'checks' if they didn't pick up only one headlight was working? Another time, I booked on line for a service. The guy at the desk said as I didn't click 'to wait', I'd have to wait until it was 'my turn'. I ended up sitting in their showroom for over 4 hours!!!! Yes, sure they 'won' - but at what price?? I will NEVER buy a Toyota again - and will tell EVERYONE how badly they treat their customers!!

  • 1 month ago

    The car that will last longest and hold it’s value the best is The Camry.  The Corolla is a close second.  I would never buy a Nissan.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Chevy Impala.                

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  • Da
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    Honda Civics are the best economy small car this year. Corolla is a great car, as well.

    For a daily driver, I only buy Honda. I've gotten over 350K miles out of a few of them. So I have no reason to buy anything else.

  • 1 month ago

    You left out the Honda Civic and Fit. Both are really good cars. My daughter loves her Honda Fit. It has over 100,000 miles and it as good a new.


    Personally I would not give up my 2004 Toyota Avalon. 

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