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What does calculating just to delete or move an empty folder or file mean in Windows 10?

This message pops up sometimes and it's really annoying.  Sometimes restarting the computer doesn't do anything so what I end up doing is unplugging the external Hard drives.  This seems to happen with mechanical drives.  I figured out that when calculating message pops up, I just quickly cancel it and retry again but I make sure I give it some time like holding on the file or folder when I click and drag with the mouse for couple seconds and release.  Apple OS seems to have a similar issue except it's not about moving or deleting an empty folder or file but when a external drive is stuck and trying to connect.  

My PC rig:


850 evga powersupply

1080 gtx

1tb m.2 nvme

32gb DDR4

1 internal Western Digital Hard drive

2 external Western Digital Hard drive.

Cooler Master cpu air cooler

ROG motherboard

Thermaltake PC tower 

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    because mechanical drives are slow...

    it takes some time for the computer to determine the size and count of all the files the must be deleted. 

    This happens on ALL delete/move/copy commands but if you have an SSD it generally occurs faster than you can see. 

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