cedrick asked in PetsFish · 1 month ago

Snail Infestation ?

So I have a snail infestation in my 6 gallon Betta/Shrimp tank. I think it was when I transferred a couple plants from my 30 gallon that there were some eggs attached from my snails in there, I thought I had cleaned it off thoroughly but clearly not. Now I have a bunch of tiny itty bitty snails that I can’t pick out by hand because they’re as big as a grain of sand, and my tank isn’t big enough or friendly enough for carnivorous snails or fish. I don’t want to resort to treatment since I don’t want to have to retrieve all 30 of my shrimp but is that my only option?

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  • 1 month ago

    . Had the same problem back in the 80's when a bunch of snails moved into my apartment complex. First it was just a few and then the next thing you know there are hundreds of them! Bunches itty bitty ones running around half naked. Break in's went up, street crime was terrible. Indianapolis will never be the same.

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