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What do you do if your dog food is too hard for your dogs to eat?

I have small dogs, chihuahuas, and I always put a little bit of water in their food to make it softer for them to eat, but I got this new food that is for small dog breeds and they won’t eat it with or without water?  What do I do?

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    If the dogs do not EAT the new food (even if softened with WARM WATER) - what makes you think it is TOO HARD?  Seems to me, they are being picky or DO NOT LIKE the new food, PERIOD.  It may or may not be of a good flavor (esp if the ingredients are different).  Secondly, it may or may not be rancid (if; transported in, stored too long in a HOT storage area by a store or the manufacturer).  That would be good instincts - not a food strike, per se.

    Adding canned food or broth is an option - but will probably be REQUIRED FOREVER - if the dogs are being picky and have gone on a voluntary, FOOD STRIKE.  You can CHOOSE to go back to the ORIGINAL food (& see if their appetite returns).  If so, either add in only TINY amounts to the regular food, or DITCH this new food, and donate to a shelter.

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    We have a cairn Terrier. she weighs about 10 pounds. The vet says she is 19 years old. I've been feeding her Purina littlebites for years.

    I soak it in water about 3 hours beffore she eats. It's real soft. For herbreakfast, I soak it overnight forabout 9-10 hours 

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    They might not like the sudden change. I know some dogs don't.especially mine they can be quite picky. I once read an article that said if you want to introduce new dog food, to mix it with their old dog food. And use less and less as for a few days if that makes sense. You could always try putting chicken broth in their food. Or maybe a treat that they like eating mix that with their doggy food. Hope this helps! Or you can always just get them wet dog food!

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    Buy soft food my puppy loves it

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    7 months ago

    u can insert the foods in the rectum instead, it bery healthy and the dog likes it

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    Your refusal throughout 3 days to supply the requested missing information demonstrates that you are a troll faking being a genuine Asker.

    • "What do you do if your dog food is too hard for your dogs to eat?"

    It has never happened to me.

    I hate to think what YOU are calling "food", if it is too hard for your pet to eat! "Real" Chihuahuas have been known to pack-hunt peccaries on British islands in the Caribbean! So...

    💥1: WHAT so-called "food" are you supplying?

    💥2: What is each of your current Chihuahuas' AGE, GENDER, and WEIGHT? Is it fertile or a neuter?

    💥3: Is each one happily drinking water or milk?

    💥4: If only males are off-their-food, do you or your neighbour have a bìtch "on-heat"? (A male Chihuahua is ambitious enough to want to TRY to mate a Great Dane bìtch....)

    And LEARN that you DON'T have a "chihuahua" - there is no such breed. The BREED is the Chihuahua.

    • "I have small dogs, chihuahuas, and I always put a little bit of water in their food to make it softer for them to eat, but I got this new food that is for small dog breeds and they won’t eat it with or without water?  What do I do?"

    I don't know - I can't read your mind. What DO ❗️YOU❗️ do?

    But I wouldn't use water to soften REAL food. Water is for cooling & for drinking, and must ALWAYS be available. But being only hydrogen plus oxygen, it has no nutrition in it. Meals must supply all the NUTRITION that is needed for energy, exercise & growth.

    Unless your pets are so in-bred that they are allergic to full-cream milk, I would soak one meal (meaning ALL the food for breakfast, or ALL the food for supper) at a time in full-cream pasteurised milk. If they ARE allergic to cows' milk, look for goats' milk or sheep's milk. But NOT any "milk substitute".

    My suggestions as to what YOU should DO ABOUT IT are:

    ❄️1: Have them health-checked by your VET. Make sure the TEETH are checked. Try to take a faeces sample from each pooch - bagged-or-bottled & NAMED separately. ASK him/her what he/she thinks about the brand of stuff you are calling "food" but your dogs AREN'T.

    ❄️2: Remember that dogs developed to have RAW ANIMAL PROTEINS as the main items in their diet - that means:- birds, eggs, fish (after removing all the needle-bones and putting them where no dog can get at them), insects, mammals, reptiles.

    ❄️3: See whether any of them will eat raw sausage, raw beef or lamb, raw minced-meat, bread soaked in real milk. If they eat the mince & sausage but not chunks of beef or lamb, suspect mouth damage.

    If they don't eat for 24 hours, suspect bacterial or viral diseases - or even poison supplied by an angry neighbour - AND GET THEM TO THE VET.

    King Les The Lofty - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

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    Go back to their old food would be the ideal thing.  

    Did you change foods gradually a bit of the new and a lot of the old to start with.  

    You could try soaking it for longer and see if that works. 

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    Cannned food.  Do not wet down dry food.  It will spoil quickly if not eaten in a short time (10-20 mins).  Or the Fresh Pet rolls you can get in Petsmart or some Walmarts.

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    It is not "too hard".   Your dogs are being picky.  Offer the food at meal time.  Leave it for 15-20 mins.  If they dont eat, pick ot up and offer NOTHING else until the next meal.

    They WILL eventually eat.   Healthy animals dont starve themselves

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    If the choices are you don't add water, they can't eat, they starve OR you DO add water, they do eat, they don't starve, I'd decide on the latter.

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    Pour some chicken broth over it and microwave for 20 seconds.  Or, I make my own dog food because the dogs had liver problems.  1 Tbsp. white chicken, chopped.  1 Tbsp white rice.  1 Tbsp chicken broth.  1 tsp. high fiber cereal.  1 tsp. cottage cheese.  Served twice per day.  My wife is a vet.  Our dogs are 12 pounds so we double the chicken and rice.

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