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Why are there so many jobs that are extremely easy that can be automated still?

Is it because of political reasons/not wanting to layoff half of workers in the US? I would say about half of office jobs that aren't related to management or software engineering can be automated. Sure you might need a couple HR people, a couple people in Finance/accounting and a couple legal people, and a cleaning lady, but do you really need 100 data entry specialists and 100 data analysts and 200 mid level paper pushers and 200 business analysts? These people's tasks can be easily automated by a machine learning pipeline that can be built by some software engineers, data engineers, and data scientists, who clean the data and develop machine learning models. Why have 50 financial analysts when you can just make a real time regression model in a machine learning pipeline with the work of 5 people? Everything can be automated on the cloud, and managed by a couple cloud engineers. Call centers can be automated with Natural language processing, you can text mine with deep learning, like I just don't see the need for half the work force these days

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    I agree you will see a lot of jobs like Call Center Representatives sunset in the next 5 to 10 years.  But, there are a lot of reasons why companies aren’t doing that now.  

    A few CEO’s realize that having employees who are a part of the community of the customers they serve is actually a good thing.  They understand that when an employee is also a “customer” she is more genuine as a sales person.  Not only that, but CEO’s realize that if they only TAKE from consumers and don’t provide any return to the customer base it means fewer people to circulate money to other business.  If no business have money except yours then YOUR customers won’t have any money either.

    You are likely to see some real challenges to capitalism in the future after COVID-19 assuming, of course, humanity actually survives it.  The virus has revealed a myriad of human weakness from our dependency on currency to our less than flattering darker human impulses. 

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    Because if the job is extremely easy, then the workers can be paid less than automation would cost.

    Some countries have automated their farms.  Food produced there costs about twice what it does here.  And cost is the reason that we're not doing it; it's not to protect American jobs, because about so many farm workers in the U.S. are illegal aliens anyway.

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    1 month ago

    automation IS cheaper in the LONG run, but very much more expensive to get started .........................

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