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Why do I still miss her????

I met a girl a few years ago,  I had strong feelings for her.    She was sweet, beautiful and she had an amazing personality.  But sadly we couldn’t be together (long story).  I never told her how I felt,  we stopped talking last year in January of 2019.  

I still think about her all the time, I can’t have a normal  relationship because I’m always thinking about her.  It’s driving me insane and it’s making me drink so much.    Why is this happening to me?????  I’m 27 and I’ve never felt like this for anyone.   Please help

Everyone is telling me to forget about her but it’s easier said than done

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    We really miss that special person/crush that made us feel so good and happy and it’s much easier to obsess over them if they were totally unaware of the impact they had on us and still do because we don’t truly know how they feel in return and therefore can’t move forward. I think you’re hung up on what felt like a missed opportunity and with that you probably have visioned the positive outcome of there being a happy ever after together. I’m sorry to say it’s not inevitable. Have you proactively been trying since her to get a girlfriend or go on dates? If so and you’re still thinking of her than get back in contact...why did it stop? Surely if it’s effecting you to turn to drink than it’s worth a shot, right? 

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