Farewell David Silva - Welcome Phil Foden lol ?

no seriously though,  kid is fecking class act.

but hes NOT David Silva and neither are most midfielders in epl for that matter lol

hes better than all our midfielders , except maybe equal to only LFC captain Jordan Henderson.

they lost kompany last season and now this season they'll lose David Silva.

my question to you epl regs is this - is Phil Foden ready to fill in that hole that silva will leave ?

hes an exciting prospect and is class but whether hes a David Silva class ,  remains to be seen.

why are people assuming Chelsea and more laughingly than that,  MAN UNITED will be a force to contend with next year ?

Chelsea yes to some extent perhaps but not to the extent where I believe they will be able to CHALLENGE us for our Premier League Trophy.

Its ours and we'll do what we have to to defend it for another year like city did before us.

that title is staying on MERSEYSIDE.  Red half.

as for Man United, as good as they are and improving as they have been I cannot honestly say they are already 'finished article' to mount a serious title challenge lol

thats just a joke.  surely surely nobody is so DELUDED to think they will concern us ?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Is this the Mr Anfield Aces show ffs 

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