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Is it a bad idea for me and my son to visit my baby daddy in another state ?

I met this guy online and we hooked up a few times. I ended up getting pregnant and we just stopped talking. He moved to another state (not to get away from me/my son) and we started talking again. I messaged him today and he talked about me coming to visit him with our son so he can see him. My parents think it’s a bad idea because I barely know him, but I kind of want to because it’ll be a mini vacation for me and it’ll just be good for my son to meet his father. He doesn’t have a job due to COVID and so I can only really go over there. Is it a bad idea to fly out there with my son and visit him? My son is one 

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    He has every right to see his son. I hope that he is giving you child support. Your son needs to know his father.  You do not have to stay with him at his place, but give him time to visit his son.  Your parents need to stay out of it. If he wants visitation, he can go to court and get them if anyone tries to stop him.

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    I lost interest as soon as I read "baby daddy."

  • Anonymous
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    As long as you are aware that if he decides to keep the child where he is, goes to Court and requests DNA testing, you and the child (or just the child) can be forced to remain in that State until the issue is resolved.  The child's parents EACH have equal rights to the child once paternity is determined.

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    Don’t go if he’s been abusive to you before, and make sure you understand that he may not want to or be ready to be a father, but other then those yeah totally go and have a mini vacation. 

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  • 1 month ago

    If you can afford it and he's okay with it, go for it.  

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