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What is White Power?

Seriously, what is it?

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    It's the ridiculous idea that the color of your skin makes you better than someone with a different skin color.

  • martin
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    1 month ago

    White power in America is majority race power.  When most of the hiring people and upper management of a company are White, it means other races are at a disadvantage.

  • 1 month ago

    In most places it's known as cocaine

  • 1 month ago

    White pride, or white power, is an expression primarily used by white separatist, white nationalist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations in order to signal racist or racialist viewpoints. It is also a slogan used by the prominent post- Ku Klux Klan group Stormfront and a term used to make racist/racialist... Sep 26 2019

    The fact you came to an overwhelmingly conservative political forum to ask this question suggests you don't want to know the truth behind it's meaning. You simply want to hear confirmation bias.

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