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Black neighbor upset over fireworks?

I was firing off some mortars for Independence Day and my black neighbor screeched at me. Said it was upsetting her- what the heck! It’s the 4th , you are American as well. I just said I’ll be done in a bit, but now I feel offended! Should I confront her tomorrow or let it go?

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    That sort of thing scares some people. Some people also have PTSD from war or past experiences that the sounds kind of set off. Sucks to have a neighbor try to end your fun, but if it scares her for some reason then it's not like she can help that. Nothing to be a confrontational jerk about.

    Maybe next year invite her over, maybe she'll be more comfortable if she's in on it. That or maybe get together at someone else's house and set them off there.

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    Is it possible to aim a mortar?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Hopefully Karen doesn't catch her own house on fire.

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    Bring out the big guns to drown those screeches out 

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