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I’ve had a crush on this same guy for about 3 4 years and his grandparents are my neighbors . I think he likes me cause he looked at me 3 times the first time was on Mother’s Day and he just stared at me lol and then the second time him and his grandad was driving up the road and he looked at me then looked back at the road really quick ( his grandad was driving) then he done it again when him and his grandad were driving back and I looked up to see if I could see my crush ( his name is Michael btw lol) and I saw him leaning forward and he was looking at me then when he realized I was looking at him he turned away fast again . I asked my sister-in-law about this and she said it could be where he is older then me (he’s 6 years older then me ) . I really like him but I don’t know what to do I’ve been feeling really down and depressed not wanting to do anything but be with him and I just feel empty if that makes any sense lol. I’m so sorry if this is long or confusing I just don’t know what to do please help 

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  • Alex
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    1 month ago
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    Just say hi. Some guys are actually a bit shy at first. Not all guys are the same. Some like to be loud and talk alot and some are a little more reserved until you really get to know them. Theres always this stigma that guys have to make the first move or else it proves that they are not confident, but if your interested in getting to know someone what's so bad about starting with a simple hello.  Either way once you start talking he will still need to find the courage to make things official with you. It takes 2 people to make a relationship work. 

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