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did many or most major cities cancel their annual 4th of July firework displays? why? and why BLM had 1000s come out for "protests" instead?


my city cancelled its firework display this year, but had instead 1000s come out for Black Live Matter protests...why this is okay, but not the firework displays?

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    What many people don't grasp is that cities pay a bigly amount of money to cops for overtime for Independence Day. Because fireworks shows. In addition, the cops are busy citing or warning people for being useless idiots and setting off amateur illegal fireworks.  Because they often end up causing damage to neighbors property, losing a limb, or burning a bystander.  So lots of municipalities decided to save the money and headaches by cancelling.  The shutdowns cost cities a ton of lost tax money. They really didn't want to spend needed money on fireworks displays and police overtime.

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    The Democrats and their " cancel culture " seek to eliminate anything that could promote patriotism or high morale .

    If it were fireworks to promote homosexuality , we'd see shows across the nation

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