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Why is my boyfriend so insecure. He said he doesn’t fit in my family’s high caliber?

First of all my family is not rich. They have good jobs but they aren’t rich. They just have good jobs and good credit also. My 23 year old brother has a fairly large house nicely furnished. I feel like my boyfriend is weird around my family because they have luxury things. Nobody forced him to be 37 and still be living with his grandmother. He don’t have to be Standoffish around my family because we like nice things and luxury and that doesn’t mean they view him as less of. They have always treated him with respect and always went out of their way to be nice to him but he’s always weird. He told me he doesn’t fit in with my family’s caliber. Wtf is that supposed to be mean. If he wants nice things sitting around being insecure and jealous isn’t going to get it. My brother proposed to his girlfriend in Paris and my boyfriend of course had something negative to say about it like he was jealous. I know he can’t afford to propose to me in Paris but he can at least be happy for my brother.

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    Give him more pu*sy.  What do you want?  You are his girl.  Make him feel comfortable.  Laugh or giggle with him.  Show him he matters more than all that "crap".  If he doesn't well the solution is easier - get a new BF.  Or flip him over to the FWB.

    Its cute he feels less valued - it means he likes you and is concerned he won't have "X,Y'Z" with you. So he is worried.  Its great you know he can't give you A,B,C and don't care.Don't tell me.....  Tell him. Actually show him.  Doesn't have to be sexual....  with passion, interest, love, communication.  You might need to notch it up a lot. Is he worth it?  If not leave.

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    maybe hes jealous of them

  • Ricky
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    Tell him it's ok and not to feel that way. Don't act defensive cuz you will only make it worse. Help him understand that his family will never judge him 

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