What are your tips on how to deal with the society that we currently live in that screws people over?

Because after graduation I got screwed over because I applied to college and I got rejected, and worked crappy fast food jobs that barely paid my rent because of the bad hours, and I tried to write the test for drivers Ed but they made it overly complicated and they failed me twice, meanwhile some class mates of mine already got their degrees, a house, car and gets to travel to far places. And when I got my own place I was only able to afford a room, I feel like my parents screwed me over, thoughts?

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  • Lee
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    1 month ago
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    There can only be so much room at the top. If everyone were able to make it to college, then we would eventually reach a point where college students would also have to settle for fast-food restaurant jobs as well. So the question to ask is- is it your parents' or your fault that you couldn't get into college?

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