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My mom is constantly telling me how unhappy she is, what should I do?

A little backstory, my mom and dad have been divorced for years. In high school, I lived with my dad and brother in a 2-bedroom apartment. Then my mom and younger brother had to move in with us due to financial reasons. I am their daughter, I am in my mid-20's. So under the same roof, it is my dad, mom, my two brothers, and I. 

My mom and younger brother have been living with us for 8 years. My mom and dad do not get along for obvious reasons. I want to move too but I only have ever worked retail and would need to go back to school. I only have an Associate's degree in English.This past week, my mom keeps pressuring me over and over for us to move into another place with my mom, two brothers, and I. My younger brother places pressure on us too. Everyday she keeps mentioning how she is unhappy living here and how she wants our own place now. She doesn't work so she is relying on us to move. My intentions are to move but every day I have to hear how horribly unhappy she is and her constant complaining. It is at least talked about once or twice per day. She says I have to try harder. It's getting really annoying. She also says if we don't move that she is going to move with someone else.What can I do about this?


Also she said I have to start working, but my job is having me start mid July, I can't force my job to make me work now

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  • Tj
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    You need to get a better job and go on your own. Forget about your mom.

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    maybe you should move out

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