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Christians, before you were saved you were atheists right?  So did you pretend that God did not exist to escape the consequences of sin?

Most of you claim that atheists fantasize about the non existence of God so we can escape the repercussions of our actions right?  Did you before you found Jesus?  Think about it.  Do people pretend that cops and laws dont exist to help them get away with crime?

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    No, I don't recall ever being an atheist.

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    >> Christians, before you were saved you were atheists right? <<


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    We all were born with the knowledge of God's existence. I would even go so far as to say we had a sense of his abiding presence.

    As for the second matter, there is what is called a criminal mind. The criminal mind rationalizes that laws are meant for others and that when they get caught the offense was not actually their fault (it was the victims fault).

    No people don't pretend cops and laws don't exist, they just try not to get caught, shoot the police or attempt to evade justice.

    The atheist and pseudo-atheist do not believe they have been caught or attempt to explain away their failures as being the failure of another party or parties.

    So the criminal mind and the mindset of the atheist and pseudo-atheist are the same.

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    If there is no ultimate justice,  the cops and laws are only important if you get caught. There just is no logical reason to abide by laws if we are all just accidents, if the laws are made by these accidents,  and there's nothing to answer to when we die.

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