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Have you ever eaten bad pasta primavera and gotten sick?

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    no because i rarely eat pasta. not a huge fan of it. 

    there are only 2 things that i've eaten that have gotten me extremely sick. one was a mcdonalds filet o fish. left it in the hot car for hours on end, ate it for lunch and that night i was already puking badly. that one of course was due to my fault of leaving it in the hot car for so long. 

    the other was a crab melt sandwich from a restaurant here. the crab tasted okay and didn't smell weird and being a chef myself i can only assume 1 issue. the person working that station and who made the sandwich left the crab meat out for so long that it ended up growing bacteria just like the filet o fish did. this is what we call a TDZ or Temperature Danger Zone meaning if you don't keep foods in certain temp ranges bacteria will grow extremely fast and can cause you to get sick or worse; die. elderly/Infants are very susceptible to this. 

    that one was so bad that i stayed in bed all day just getting out to throw up. ended up throwing up so much that after a while nothing came out. throat was all sore from all the stomach acid coming up. 

  • 1 month ago

    No, I've never gotten sick from it.

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