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Where is the safest place to stop and sleep while moving across country ?

I'm going to be moving from Saint Louis to Los Angeles soon. I will be renting a U-Haul Truck to move my belongings. Where is the safest place to stop and sleep while traveling?


Where is the safest place so my moving supplies don't get stolen?

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    I've moved cross country numerous times with a rental truck, never had a problem.  Just put your own padlock lock on the latch on the back, you should be fine.  I stop and stay in highway side motel.   Stay in a ruralish area versus in a city.   There are hotels at damn near every interstate exit.

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    They're called hotels, or rest stops. Although I don't understand why rest stops don't have showers. The truck stops do. You'll have to pay a fee to take a shower at truck stops

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    Hotels/motels along the Interstate.

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    The safest place in a 2000 route?  Come on.

    Just be smart like you always should be doing.  Don't pick shady looking areas or the cheapest motels.  Get a good lock to put on the U-Haul obviously.  You can also back it against a wall or bushes so that back is difficult to get to.

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    That happened to my immediate supervisor at work. Her neighbor friends left a packed trailer so they can move in the morning and it was stolen. To move from Saint Louis to Los Angeles, unless you know of friends along the way there are plenty of rest areas on the interstate highways and freeways, hopefully they are not closed due to the continued coronavirus pandemic. There are also motels with secured parking lots.

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