What career might my (below) interests get me Into?

Because of COVID-19 I now have very little reason to enter the travel and tourism industry next year, which is something I was very excited for at the start of the year when I made my 2021 post year 12 studies decision. Now, I cannot be so sure as to the stability of the travel industry and so am seeking alternative options based on my various interests below, being:

Rail transport

Ships (cruise ships and ocean liners - with rather insightful background knowledge of ships and various components)

Music (I am an intermediate level keyboardist and produce my own music)

Working with and helping the elderly 

General interest into history which ties into marine area

Customer service ( which I was to study for in 2021 )

In a nutshell this is what I like. I am from Melbourne Australia so not all careers are going to be accessible, but am open to all of these areas. 

I am looking for a career that I'll enjoy but also have a stable and albeit, a rather promising financial stability. 

I have a certificate 3 in music performance and am working on gaining more certifications. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Congratulations on your accomplishments in music as well as recognizing the importance of having a goal and making plans to attain it.

    As you have indicated, COVID-19 has transformed the employment landscape into something few people know how to navigate.  One thing experts can agree on is ADAPTABILITY.  If you want to remain financially solvent you will have to stay on top of what jobs and careers remain “essential” during a crisis that has cost millions their livelihood.

    This may not sound like good news on the surface, but as a young person who has worked a variety of temporary jobs, you will accumulate valuable experience and gain advantage over other applicants because you will know how to leverage that experience in a meaningful way regardless of what kind of job you apply.  Plus, it will be an opportunity to hone your work ethic and learn what types of behavior(s) employers seek and value.

    Don’t think of temporary employment unrelated to your field of interest as putting your dreams on pause.  Instead, try to view it as making a financial investment in your future while perfecting your strategy to pursue what you’ll really enjoy.

    Good luck!

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