What is the problem with emergency rooms?

I work in an E.R. and I've noticed that when someone comes in hurt and scared that the first they that's done is for their blood pressure to be taken.  Of course, when you are hurting and scared your blood pressure is going to be high.  The physicians will say, "your blood pressure sure is high".  Duh!, and many are prescribed medications for that very thing.  Any other nurses and physicians assistants see this going on?

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  • 1 month ago
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    I find this hilarious as well. Of course, your blood pressure will be high, walking a mile into the parking lot to get into the front entrance of the hospital WHILE your blood pressure is skyrocketing already, from the pain you're in. 🥴😄🤣

    🥴 My blood pressure skyrockets just by sitting in the waiting room. 

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