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can you give me feedback on my com ap essay. I'll upload the second part. Thank you!-- I have not written the rest bc I cant upload it all. ?

It’s interesting how physical activity can impact one’s life without disrealizing it. I turned to exercise outside of tennis after my freshman year because I was satisfied with the lack of power and strength in my shots. Initially, my tennis coach encouraged me to go to the gym; however, I struggled with body image as I believed others would judge me in how I performed during the workouts. Thus, I utilized Fitness Blender, a fitness website that provides helpful content on nutrition and exercise, to teach me the proper ways to gain strength. Since the website introduced me to different types of training (kickboxing, strength training, plyometric training, etc.), I felt satisfied with improving my abilities, such as my hand-eye coordination, speed, agility, endurance, and flexibility. Through this website, I never realized how there were different aspects to workouts that can be applied to the sport. As a result, during the tennis season, I was able to rise to higher positions and won conferences in each of my years: at 3rd doubles my sophomore year and 3rd singles during my junior year. 

 Before beginning on this significant journey, in my freshman year of high school, I felt depressed and had no confidence in who I was. I was anxious and jealous of the other kids who were able to get to the tennis shots faster than me. Moreover, I had doubts about my own body and its abilities, which made me want to quit the sport that I loved so much. 


 Thus, at this lowest point, I was feeling so angry and disappointed in myself that I decided to research the best exercise routines. During this transformative journey, I learned to have faith in the routines that took so much time to build. I would try to do cardio six times a day, which did help me become stronger. But after a short time, I was still very unsatisfied because I was exhausting myself to the point of further stress and anger. 


Update 2:

 Eventually, I found Fitness Blender and fell in love with the personal trainers who influenced me to persevere. At the same time, the rigorous academic courses that I took in school eventually became more difficult to grasp, and I did not have the time to go to tennis four days a week. As a result, I utilized the website as a means of building strength while not feeling stressed about school since I exercised at home. 

Update 3:

Astonishingly, my grades improved, and I felt more control over my life as I was defining new ways to approach both my classes and my social life. I became closer with my friends whom I talked about the workouts without the need of fearing judgement from them. Additionally, my family would notice that I looked more toned and my dad was surprised when I was able to hit stronger shots against him. 

Update 4:

I felt that I had gained back control over my life and my body, knowing that I am capable of surpassing previous limits. Although the workouts became a “love/hate” relationship, I took an active approach to improve my workouts as I attempted to correct the bad form by looking at my mirror. believe I have improved my physical athleticism, speed, balance, coordination, and overall strength through hard work and dedication as I felt motivated to reach my goals.

Update 5:


From this experience of changing my physical being, I have obtained a new appreciation and pride in myself. I believe I can inspire other students by continuing my education in a college so that I can mature academically and intellectually. Ultimately, through the study of medicine, I would hope to be in a position where I might contribute thoughtfully and sensitively to the lives of other people

Update 6:

Hi yall, this is my common app essay, so if any feedback were to be given, I would appreciate thank you

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