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Baby boy names?

Baby will be half Hispanic and half white. We LOVE Isaiah, Elijah (I love this, father is okay with it), and Samuel. Our choices are:

Isaiah Luis, Isaiah NathanielElijah James, Elijah Benjamin Samuel Alexander, Samuel LuisWhat is the best combo? Would love more first and middle name suggestions as well! Preferably more Hispanic sounding but something that is easy to pronounce lol. Last name is Barrientos 

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    I like Isaiah Nathaniel best.

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    I like "Elijah" when it's said with a zh sound instead of a hard j. If he's half-Hispanic, you may want to pick a name whose pronunciation is the same or almost the same whether the speaker is a native Spanish speaker or a native English speaker. 

    You seem to have a bend towards biblical names, one biblical name that I like is Tiago, an alternative form of Diego, e.g., San Diego (St. James). 

    Oh, another thing you may wish to keep in mind is Hispanics are overwhelmingly Catholic, and all the names you see that end in H, like Isaiah and Elijah, that is an advent of Protestantism. In Catholicism, they end in S, so Isaiah in Spanish is Isaias, and so forth. Since Britain became Protestant, all of the Biblical transliteration of names switched from ending in S to ending in H. In Hispanic culture, though, those names still all end in S because Spain always stayed devoutly Catholic and so did its colonies. By the way, this is because Protestants translated the Bible from Hebrew, which uses H, rather than from Latin, which uses S, because at the time that the Bible was translated into Latin and its names transliterated, the hissing sound of the Latin S was closer to the audible hissing sound of the final H in Hebrew, which represents "the," than the silence or glottal stop sound of the final H in Latin.

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