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Why Have I Been Bleeding For Nearly 3 Weeks?

Before I even get into background details, I know you can’t diagnose someone over the Internet. I am not expecting that, just wanting to see if maybe someone knows the direction I should go.

About a month ago, I (21 y/o female) was having UTI symptoms. I work for a doctor’s office and we are able to be seen as patients for free, which is great because I don’t currently have health insurance.

When I first started having UTI symptoms, I was spotting. Now, I am on birth control and also have PCOS. My periods are usually very heavy and when not taking birth control, they are infrequent. When I started spotting, I was not yet due for my period. The provider told me it’s normal to spot some when you have a UTI. However, I have finished my course of antibiotics and my spotting went to full on bleeding. I have been bleeding for nearly 3 weeks now. I have never bled for this long.

The provider issued a HCG test, it came back as negative (0.5), but I also have been taking biotin, so I’m not sure if that influenced the negative test.

I’m not sure what to do now- the provider wants me to follow up with my GYN doctor, but, as I said, I have no health insurance currently.

Anyone have an idea what’s going on? Similar symptoms?

I’m at a loss here.


Oops, forgot to add i since stopped taking the biotin and stopped my birth control. I wasn’t sure if either had something to do with it, but I wanted to try process of elimination and see if that would help. Nothing has changed yet.

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    Yes, contact your gyn, they can stop it

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