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Help me finally pick a tattoo!?

I’m a 24 year old female & 

I’ve always loved the look of tattoos (specifically black minimalistic) but I don’t have any. I have ideas and tattoos I want but my issue is I can never decide which one I want first. I have trouble picking and making decisions which often leads to me missing out on things. I understand tattoos are something you think very hard about before committing but most of these tattoos I’ve wanted for years but just couldn’t decide which one. Some of my ideas have meaning to them and some I just love the art of them. 

Options: - a yellow flower - my last name translates to yellow flower and I’m a last generation of our last name. This is something I hope to get done with my sisters one day. - “I am, I am, I am.” - quote from the bell jar. This book and the quote In specific resonated with me and my mental health struggles growing up. I dissociated lots and would often try to listen to my heart to remind myself I am alive and living.- cloud (black outline)- I’m someone who is always daydreaming. I also love the minimal look. -“no rain, no flowers” - has to do again with my mental health struggles, and reminder that the bad brings good. I’m also someone who loves flowers and plants :)-a black crescent moon - I’m obsessed with the moon. Maybe add some wildflowers to it as well. - a small black outline of a house with flowers coming out of the chimney- has to do with Rumis poem guesthouse which really resonates with me. Someone help me decide finally!!

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    This is why you should check out some artists. Google and read some reviews, look at online portfolios. Then go in or msg them about a tattoo consultation - you sit down with an artist and speak about like and dislikes then they design one for you. They may do it there or call you back in a week or so. You look at it and decide what you want changed etc. Then get booked in. They will usually charge for this BUT deduct it from the tattoo payment. They are called artists for a reason and most usually want to create something original with the person they are tattooing. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    yellow ink fades faster. quote would be simplest and good to do for a tattoo to start out with.

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